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These projects man, they were just beautiful. It was amazing how you could see Logic progress as an artist throughout each tape, and it was fulfilling hearing him talk more and more about his increasing success as each new tape dropped. The real strong points of these tapes were that they were motivational,

relatable, and pretty diverse as well. So the question is; can Logic deliver that same feeling and experience on Young Sinatra IV? I guess if anything, my biggest concern is that this project is gonna sound more like a nostalgic callback to Logic’s old sound and won’t be a full on revival of the Young Sinatra persona.

This particular set of mixtapes are held in such high regard in the eyes of Logic fans, that I feel like most people aren’t gonna be happy with anything less than an 8/10 album at an absolute minimum. That is a lot to live up to. Conclusion: So as you know, the only thing that can resolve

this artikel is the release of the actual album itself. Until then, all we can do is make sure our expectations aren’t unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, be excited for the album, it’s just I’m definitely gonna be keeping these 3 points in mind as we get closer to the release date.

This is not me saying it’s going to suck, Logic could drop the best album he’s ever released for all we know, but right now all I can do is speculate, and these are just my honest thoughts. So now let me ask you, what do you guys think about the points I made in this artikel and do you think Logic is gonna deliver on here? === I hope you had a good summer. I was working most of the summer.

I'm always working, because I like to keep busy, and I have expensive taste in real estate. But I did take one vacation. It was a lifelong dream of mine, and I went to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas. And I'm sure you remember last season Portia gave me an amazing birthday gift.