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So Why shop with

So, exactly why shop with ? Mr. Eccles was glad to explain, that they are actually an “online superstore” conveniently providing a vast choice of every imaginable kind of emergency preparedness gear. These survival supplies are contained inside 12 all encompassing shops which feature:

- 30,000 survival, disaster preparedness, prepper, off the grid products - Quality name brands - Hot deals - Multiple shipping options - Full line of tactical gear including hard-to-find bulletproof vest and tactical clothes for both adults and school children. Also provided are personal protection devices and accessories - Lowest prices in the industry - Biggest supply of short and long-term 72 hour bug out bags, survival kits, and emergency food - Unsurpassed offerings within the following 12 survival store categories:

Apparel & Body Armor carries an enormous choice of body armor, bulletproof vest and tactical clothing and gear, bulletproof back packs for adults and kids, along with a wide selection of accessories developed to supply extreme protection. With the threat of terror attacks, public shootings and widespread civil unrest, people are turning to the peace of mind enjoyed which wearing personal protection gear can offer.

They stock a wide variety of rain gear, hunting clothing, gloves, headgear, footwear, and every thing for those who love to hunt, fish or camp in the great outdoors.


Maintaining open communication is vital during a catastrophic event. carries the widest selection of NOAA Weather Alert Radios, 2 Way Radios, Solar Cell Phone Chargers, CB radios, Antennas, FRS/GMRS Radios, Mobile Broadband, Satellite Receivers, Satellite Telephones, Survival Batteries, Extension Wires, Antenna Mounts, Mobile Broadband, VHF Fixed Mount and VHF Handheld Radio equipment.

Emergency Food & Gear

Sustenance depends upon nutrition and energy to survive. carries long and short term emergency food storage, pre-packed 72 hour survival kits, energy bars, entrees, breakfast, desserts, meat grinders, smokers, grills, and a massive choice of food processing and vacuum packaging tools. Additionally they have an abundant and various supply of emergency heirloom seeds to assist you grow a garden after disaster strikes.

Fire & Light

One of the most vital necessities you can possess for survival is capability to create fire and light. Fire is imperative to sustain life. Whether for light, warmth, or cooking, those who have fire, have the capability to overcome the odds. They provide hundreds of standard flashlights, headlamps, helmet lights, spotlights, fuel and battery operated lanterns, fire starters, igniters, starting fuel, plus tactical and professional lighting systems and accessories. You will not discover a wider variety of these necessary life savers anywhere!

First Aid & Health

Injuries sustained throughout any kind of emergency scenario can quickly turn from minor to the possibility imminent death if not instantly treated. Minutes count! Being isolated with out the capability to get assist or travel to a hospital may be fatal. The Boy Scouts of America motto “Be Prepared,” has great significance when it comes to treating injuries. With first aid kits, healthcare kits, 72 hour survival kits, splints, bandages, options, ointments, insect control, personal hygiene items and more, they provide what it takes for you to stabilize life regardless of the environment in which you may find yourself.

Fishing & Boating

Nothing is more pleasurable than a day on the water. What can be more relaxing than spending a long summer day of boating or fishing with those you adore? But fishing and boating can quickly become a means of survival and/or escape when disaster happens. Whether you fish, ski, or cruise the waterways professionally or for pleasure, has thousands of exciting watersport items.

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