Reasons Why Cherry Tattoos Appeal To Both Men And Women

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I'd like to do both. Surely one follows the other?' It seems self-evident but the director is shaking his head, dropping his gaze. He lets the question go. The rest of our talk is now long forgotten, except its result: an offer for my first solo show. The show succeeded and more followed, with that gallery and others.

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The artistic world is so big that it divides art galleries into a large number of categories. Normally, an art gallery focuses on a specific thing and it is taken care of by a curator who knows everything about that type of art. Most often, in art galleries one can find art from certain regions, from a specific medium, style of art that has one sole focus (political art can be an example). In this case, the majority of the art gallery pieces are for sale, but the gallery can preserve a certain collection if it wants.

In addition to this, most art galleries are open to the public and they allow people to enter and buy art if they want. In this case, lots of public galleries host openings and they advertise their presence in order to gain more audience. This helps young artists affirm themselves and it can even help them sell their work. Very often, galleries buy art from other artists in order to resell it later. There are also private art galleries which require a membership in order to offer access. And last but not least, from this top one shouldn't leave out the private galleries that display only high-end art and host exclusivist guests.

Lots of galleries employ curators in order to deal with one type of art from a certain period or region. For instance, the most popular regions are those who deal with European, Australian, Chinese, Asian or African art. In some cases, the regional focus is not widely spread (for instance, a gallery can show just Peruvian textiles).

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The cherry, the healthy fruit that it is, is also associated with fertility, lust and sexuality. Despite its simple look, a cherry tattoo can make the wearer look sexy and sultry all at the same time.

Despite its association with sexuality and fertility, cherry tattoos are not only for women, they are for men as well. Here you will learn more about the symbolisms of the tattoo, and why it appeals to both males and females.

Fantastic Fruit

The Cherry, which grows from the same-named tree, has been cultivated since 300 BC. It has long been used in recipes by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. The Japanese and Chinese revere the Cherry tree as well, as it is seen as an influential cultural symbol.

Symbol of Sexuality

Many fruits are associated with sexuality and fertility, but one of the most prominent is the cherry. The ripe cherry's blood red color and intense flavor are usually likened with a person's first brush with love.

At first look, the cherry looks like lips. Once bitten, the fruit will look like it is bleeding. While natural, these facets usually associate the cherry with eroticism.


A cherry tattoo means a lot of things, but for most it is about purity and chastity. sinhala kello