Milton Lyles Looks for the Secrets of the Deep South

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Milton Lyles Looks for the Secrets of the Deep South in Riveting Mystery by Anna Daugherty

There are in every social community, in virtually every home, secrets exist that are so noxious that they cannot be revealed. Their unveiling and discovery would corrode the warped and stained fabric that holds lives and cultures together. It’s this essence that Milton Lyles investigates in The Other Side of Tomorrow, the 3rd installment of the Bayou Trilogy, returns to Lake Charles to follow twenty years in the life of Buddy Ryan, spanning from the end of World War I through World War II.

Buddy Ryan resides in Lake Charles, Louisiana as the story moves from World War I to the end of World War II. The secrets he must uncover to confirm who killed Jack Spivey, and why, are hidden in the mystery of the south where land, lumber, elements, and oil riches are being made at the price of human self-worth and the unimaginable misery of black men and women who are refused the safety and security assured by the Constitution.

Buddy lived his whole life on a small street that demonstrates all the flaws of a social and political system that is driven by mendacity. The street is peopled by a rich mixture of bold men skilled in being greatly duplicitous, such as Sheriff Gilbow Brown, who exchanges the power of his position for political, monetary, and carnal favors. Poley Breaux, Jack’s best buddy and the keeper of Jack’s most private secret, is a man able to match Gilbow Brown’s level of violence, but bound by a code of integrity that disallows him the questionable actions that Gilbow so freely takes. Lilith Baines uses her attractiveness and her cunning to captivate men and use to her own advantage, including the unknowing Jack Spivey, the commanding Christopher Callahan, the crooked Gilbow Brown, and the two unknowing little boys who are the inadvertent products of her wicked plans.

The two missing boys, Jackie Spivey and Jefferson Lee, are both hatched from the same snare of secrecy and needless misery that is the result of Lilith’s quest for financial gain and respect. Even the insight of Georgia Desha cannot rescue the boys. They cannot make it to the other side of tomorrow, where Buddy Ryan learns Jack Spivey’s secret and why he is deceased.

The book is offered at Amazon in paperback for $15.95 and on Amazon Kindle for $5.95. From the author who has also wrote The Candle Seller and The Cruelest Lie, this 3rd book in the trilogy answers many questions and is a must read for Milton Lyles’ loyal fans. Learn more about the author on Facebook.