It’s Not Too Late for a Mountain Drive!

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The government shutdown has created more opportunities for less traffic on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's still possible to get out there and see the Fall colors before they are gone for good. The Goverment Shutdown is Making Mountain Travel Difficult Can you believe it? That blasted govement shutdown actually forced the Blue Ridge Parkway to close down all the visitor centers, picnic areas, and even campgrounds. In other news, the Great Smokies National Park has been shut down for 16 days now. Not all was totally bleak! There was a cash infusion from North Carolina for 75K and Tennesse for 305K. This cash infusion allowed the park to reopen for 5 more days. Yay. Push Your Trip Back to Late Fall So what's the best thing to do? Well, there are parks that are still open, however, our suggestion is to wait and do a visit in later autumn. Here’s your science lesson for the day. The evenings have actually been so mild that the area trees are still producing chlorophyll (the chemical that converst sunlight and makes leaves green). The situation here that develops is that the remainly chlorophyll in the leaves covers up carotenoid (chemical that makes the orange hue). When the temperatures drop fall enough, the chlorophyll fades away and the amazing yellows, oranges, and reds of Fall shin through trees. Visit Mount Pisgah and Other Higher Elevations If you do have a trip that you've planned to see the leaves, don't worry yet. Blowing Rock Nc Real Estate contains further about why to allow for it. You'll still have a lot of opportunity to see the leaves, especially at the higher elevations where the folliage changes earlier due to the cooler weather. The parks and state forests are actually all still open. So, if you end up in the area, you can just as well go to Mt Pisgah and do a short hike. Also, at Mt Pisgah, there are many places to picnic on the way up the mountain. A drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will yield varying elevations and provide the most diverse views of the fall colors. Be sure that you bring an extra jacket or sweater because there can be as much as a 40 degree temperature change as you ascend the Parkway. Polarized sunglasses also help in enhancing fall colors. Bring along your best camera to take stunning pics! One of our favorite pastimes is to drive up to the Parkway overlook and snap pictures with your friends and amazing scenery in the background. Experience Beautiful Mountain Scenery Many people fall in love with the mountains after a trip here during the fall.Are you interesting in moving to the area? If so, we suggest that you checkout the Blue Ridge Mountain Club. This is an amazing mountain community that's location on Six Thousand acres in the Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, and Boone area. And another thing - this community has is own hiking trails so that you won't have to worry about the Government Shutdown.

See The Autumn Colors on an Amazing Mountain Drive