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Sometimes one wonders about the serious price differences in cosmetic products. For skin care oils, this is particularly noticeable to me. If you look more closely at how the oils are produced, you notice blatant differences in quality - for example with avocado oil. Many avocado oils are pressed from the whole fresh fruit and then filtered. shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis One of the most elaborate methods of obtaining avocado oil is that in which the fruits are cut into pieces, dried and only then pressed. While this method significantly reduces the yield, it ensures that all natural active ingredients remain intact. With this method one needs eight to ten kilograms of fresh avocado for 200 ml of oil. The fact that such an oil is more expensive, better quality, more skin-friendly and more economical in consumption is obvious.

Asking is important and worthwhile. In the drugstore market Müller there is a jojoba oil at a sensational price. For the sake of interest, I asked how the oil was produced. The answer was very evasive and spongy. Because of my obstinacy, I have at least learned that it is an oil mixture and not, as the label wants the consumer to know, pure jojoba oil. The bad thing about this is that this is allowed.

How to recognize high-quality oil?

Always buy oils in transparent bottles. Pure coconut oil, for example, "freezes" at temperatures below about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The "thawing" in warm water is not harmful and can be repeated as often as required. If you buy coconut oil in a store that is liquid and clear, it is very obvious that it is not a pure oil, but other oils are added.

A quality mark in the case of natural avocado oil is the depot, which forms on the bottom of the bottle. This is avocado butter, probably the most valuable ingredient in avocado oil at all. Usually, however, this is filtered out and used for other products. By shaking briefly, it mixes the depot with the oil.

As with all plants where the fruit is used for production, the number of plants per square kilometer is also important for the aloe plant. A cubic meter of earth has only a certain number of nutrients seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment . The more plants a "cubic meter" of earth has to "feed", the less is the individual plant. From this point of view, the price differences for aloe products are also to be seen. The production method and the preservation is also very important for aloeproducts.

What to look for when buying

In the "water" component, it is important to know what kind of water it is. Some cosmetic companies are now also advertising the quality of their water. Water contains a different proportion of minerals depending on the quality. (Vichy company, for example, has a source in Switzerland, Ligne St. Barth uses purified Caribbean seawater)

Do not store creams in the refrigerator. Also products containing aloe are in the refrigerator well cared for. Some creams are very sensitive to skin contact. When using these creams always use how to cure seborrheic dermatitis a small spatula - plastic ice spoons are perfect for this. If your questions about a product are not answered adequately, keep your fingers away. You only use it with bad consciences, and that does not harm your skin.